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Homeschool Family Legacy is led by Amanda Schenkenberger, a seasoned, second generation homeschooler and supportive mental health practitioner. She is an entrepreneurial homeschool mom to 4 boys. Her homeschool coaching will empower you to create a transformative journey where each lesson becomes an opportunity to instill the essence of your family’s identity into the hearts and minds of your children. She believes in embracing the legacy of love, knowledge, and character, ensuring a brighter future for Generation Alpha.

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At Homeschool Family Legacy, our mission is to empower parents in their homeschooling journey by providing a pressure-free, transformative experience that fosters unbreakable family bonds and ignites a lifelong love of learning. We understand that homeschooling is more than just education; it’s about nurturing hearts, enriching minds, and sharing cherished values. Learn more about homeschooling coaching here.

About Amanda Schenkenberger:

Expert Homeschool Coach, Experienced Homeschooling Mom, Online Mompreneur Since 2013, Former Homeschooled Child, Parenting Expert, Mental Health Practitioner Since 2021, Boy Mom

Interview Topics Include

How to Turn Resistance into Connection

Time Management for Moms

Igniting a Lifelong Love of Learning

The Quick and Easy Way to Begin Homeschooling

The Taboo Topic of Socialization

Managing Mom's Mind and Emotions

How to Land Your Communication

Creating Your Dream Life When You're Overwhelmed

Next Level Leadership: Homeschool Mompreneur

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How homeschooling affected my life

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Parenting, motherhood, and educational topics tailored to your audience, delivered with warmth, humor, & actionable takeaways

Amanda’s inspiring lava monster story that gives moms a strategy of how to manage their mind and emotions

Trusted source of time management advice with an in-depth understanding of the emotional and practical sides of planning

Highlight Unique Experiences: What’s special about Amanda Schenkenberger is her unique life experiences. She’s a second generational homeschooler. She was taught to read by her DEAF father, an international child athlete, and now is a homeschool mom entrepreneur of 4 boys who got married the day after graduating high school. And there’s even more unique stories to feature if your focus is mental health or Christianity.

Hundreds of hours of interview experience with professional sound equipment

Host of the Working Homeschool Moms Event and Anxiety Free Homeschooling Show

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